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Wealthbit is a white label hybrid-robo advice tool for financial advisors and their clients


Wealthbit helps clients simplify and improve their investment decisions by giving them the ability to make a qualified decision based on their personal retirement plan that they are able to see and interact on.

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Timothy Rogers
Wealth Coach

Clients are motivated to spend more time thinking about the realities of their situation to make real effective changes to their retirement safety and what small changes they can do to improve.

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Dirk Wulf
Wealth Coach

Will your client retire with enough money?

The Wealth Coach dashboard calculates your client's aggregated retirement status (green, amber, red) updated monthly.

Robo’s are threatening the value of advisors

Give advisors their own personally branded robo advice tool. The best team is a combination of human & algorithm.

Financial planning process is very complex

Save time with a holistic retirement planning tool including: ALM, Budgets, Risk Profiling, Scenario Planning, and Advice Records.

Risk profiling questionnaires simply don't work

Wealthbit auto-calculates personalised client risk profiles, updated on a regular basis.

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Clients are disengaged from their plan

Give clients access to their plan. Engaged clients are more likely to stick with a plan that makes sense.

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Client referrals are tough to ask for

Make it easy for your clients to invite those they care about to get to a safe retirement

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Clients tired of product-pushing?

Visualise the power of independent advice during a consultation

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Compliance is simply always a risk

Reduce compliance risk with full audit trails. Your clients digitally sign records of advice during monthly updates to their retirement plans.

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  • How does Wealthbit work?

    Once you have added your client’s personal details, you can import the data from any retirement annuity, pension funds, ETFs etc, as well as include assets such as property. This data is auto-updated and shows a single view of your client’s retirement health.

  • Do I have to be a qualified financial planner to use Wealthbit?

    Yes, you do need to have a qualification that is relevant in your jurisdiction i.e. Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and/or is registered to provide financial planning advice through your local financial authorities.

  • What information do I need to set up my client’s profile?

    You’ll need their personal details, identification/social security/passport number, their latest payslip, and details of any retirement annuities, pension funds, shares and investments, offshore assets, ETFs and properties.

  • What currencies does Wealthbit support?

    Wealth currently supports ZAR, USD, EUR, and GBP.

  • Will my clients have access to their portal?

    Yes, once you onboard your client to Wealthbit, they will receive a welcome email, allowing them to create their own username and password.

  • Can I add my own company logo?

    Yes, Wealthbit is a white-label tool. You can add your logo and brand colours and will have a custom URL i.e. https://planner.wealthbit.co/yourcompanyname

  • What is the pricing?

    Our pricing is based on the number of clients you have. We charge a flat fee per client per month. Please get in touch with us at hello@wealthbit.co and we’ll give you a custom quote, no strings attached.